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First Look at JPW’s “Get It J” Sports Book and Series

In this series, BenJamin, a dad who is very confident in his son’s ability to become an incredible baseball player challenges his son to compete and save his community’s reputation. “J” recruits his friends only to train hard so they can defeat Tony and his unbeatable team. J has dreams of becoming one of the neighborhoods legends but is faced with adversity and challenges. Get it J, The tale of two communities who battle to win a tournament put together by a local businessman, “Mr. Mac”. Mr. Mac is willing to invest in that community that wins the tournament. J and his crew understand the task at hand and will train for the battle of the community where legends are made.

MR. MAC, a local businessman and Philanthropist: Book comes out October 15, 2021
Get it J

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Get it J

For more information about “Get it J” visit the official website.