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First Look at JPW’s “Get It J” Sports Book and Series

Get it, J is a baseball-themed young adult fiction book and animated series created by Justin P. Wayoro.

In this series, BenJamin is a dad who is very confident in his son’s ability to become a neighborhood legend. J is focused on his goal of making it to the baseball big leagues, but he and his dad discover he still has a lot to learn about the game. BenJamin is very confident in his son’s ability to adapt to the circumstances and become a star. J has dreams of becoming a professional baseball player but is faced with complicated adversity you would never expect.

When a local businessman enters the story, things take a turn. BenJamin and J live in a community in desperate need of money, and the businessman is willing to invest in a neighborhood. However, there’s a catch: the businessman is indecisive and rules that the investment is reserved for the winner of the community baseball tournament.

BenJamin and J have to rally the community to defeat an undefeated neighborhood. The stakes are high – legends are made in the community tournament. J and his crew understand the task at hand and have to train hard for the upcoming battle.

Get it, J is the tale of two neighborhoods who battle to win a tournament, but, at its heart, the story is about community, familial love, and hard work. For more information visit https://getitj.com/

MR. MAC, a local businessman and Philanthropist: Book comes out October 15, 2021
Get it J

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Get it J

For more information about “Get it J” visit the official website. http://getitj.com/

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