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Ye looks to change the narrative for Black America

Ye, formally known as Kanye West shared his plan for “Black Future Month.” Ye is declaring February Black Future Month. The Future Brunch, brought together 40+ Black journalists and media executives to discuss different ways to amplify Black voices and ideas.

During the brunch, Ye used examples from his own life to illustrate what he sees as a disparity that needs to be addressed.

“America is made to enslave us, what they ever gave us?” he proclaims rap-style in the clip. “We’d improve. We didn’t show, it’s documented, now it’s cemented, lack future it’s time to invent it. If Ye said it, you know that he meant it. There’s no more Black History Month, every February reminding us that we just barely can vote.”

Ye, Balck Future Month

One part that stood out to me was when he mentioned that “Our $44 million is worth $1.8 trillion.” He does have a point. We’re outnumbered in America but collectively, our dollar has power. Another thing that also stood out to me was the conversation Ye had with tech billionaire Elon Musk about how” he doesn’t do deals with anyone, he builds things himself.

Black Future Month
Black Future Month

So how can we change the world? I say we spend money where we will be hired. We need to find ways to spend money on building things we own. Take those $1.8 trillion dollars and use it as credit. We borrow against our money and build a city for $450 Billion, use the other $200 Billion on education, invest $300 Billion in health programs, spend $2 Billion on justice reform, and use the rest of the $550 Billion to start new companies. We should not spend any money on entertainment, sports, products, or anything we don’t own. At the end of the year, we pay back the credit and repeat the cycle.

We now would have started over 3.1 million jobs. Why look for help when we can make the change. This is not a black or white issue but we want to practice what the Jews have been doing for over 6 decades. This is not going to be an easy task but it’s worth trying. Lastly, let’s rehumanize Mr. West, he’s a brilliant genius. I would love to work alongside Mr. West since I am so passionate to see others succeed. No more Black History Month, This is the all-new Black Future Month. We pray that God protects Ye and his children. #BFM

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