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Undercover Billionaire JPW’s Takeaway

What you missed: Three successful entrepreneurs Grant Cardone, Monique Idlett-Mosley, and Elaine Culotti betted $1 million that they can go undercover in three different cities, start their own business with just $100 and try to make a million-dollar business in just 90 days. You heard that right? They were given $100, an old pickup truck, and a cell phone.

My wife told me about the show and after watching 1 episode, I had to subscribe to the Discovery+ App, one of the best investments I’ve made. We all asked the question, Is Undercover Billionaire Fake?

I would say no, the show was very intense. They all proved that the American Dream is still very much alive. An interesting part of Grant Cardone, Monique Idlett-Mosley, and Elaine Culotti’s business mindset are that they know their strengths as well as their weaknesses.

My takeaway: Elaine’s leadership, Monique’s hustle and Grant’s mentality is what separates them from the average entrepreneur.

tips from Monique Idlett

• Be strategic and intentional.
• Ask yourself, Is it right for me? Is it right for the other person, partner or community? And is it the right thing to do?
• Put yourself around like-minded people.
• Document the process.
• Develop relationships for valuable resources.
• Only raise what you need to launch.
• Lastly, Sell the vision and secure seed money.

10 tips from Grant Cardone

• Go meet in person.
• Be afraid but do it anyway.
• Never go in 50/50. Go in 50/51 to avoid court battles and conflict.
• Show up no matter.
• Make decisions quickly.
• Promote your successes.
• Give more than you take.
• Never quit, no matter what.
• Make closed deals a priority.
• Be willing to make others rich.

tips from Elaine Culotti

• Sell whatever that’s not making you money.
• Remember who your selling to.
• Have multiple streams of income.

About the Show

The American dream is still alive, and this time, three self-made entrepreneurs have set out to prove it. Each of our three tycoons will once again start from scratch to prove you don’t need anything but drive and good people to build something big. With only 90-days and nothing but 100 bucks in their pockets, they will put one million dollars on the line to go undercover and build a thriving million-dollar business for a small town in the US. For more, click here below: https://www.discovery.com/shows/undercover-billionaire

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