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Edelkrone releases all-new JIB-ONE

You can set JibONE vertically to achieve amazing incline shots, horizontally to get slider-like shots or diagonally at every 22.5 degrees to mix both axes. (Pan and Tilt axes of JibONE are coupled.) JibONE gives 50 cm motion in any direction when fully extended and the motion can be looped for interview shots.

Nail that perfect shot everytime


  • Maintains the camera angle
  • Can be hand-controlled
  • Upright or upside down head mounting
  • Fast to set up – easy to relocate
  • Easy counterweight balancing
  • Fits in edelkrone Backpack
  • Automatic Target tracking (with HeadPLUS)
  • Live Target Switching (with HeadPLUS)
  • Instant Target Learning (with HeadPLUS)
  • Sequencer feature (with HeadPLUS or HeadONE)

Capture stunning motion-lapses

For more information about this product, click here to learn more.

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