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Remembering Dr. Angie M. Welikala

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Dr. Angie M. Welikala. She was a fantastic individual who will be greatly missed everyone who knew her. I especially remember Dr. Angie’s gentle spirit and loving nature. She will always be remembered as an especially giving person of great character.

Angie Welikala is a chiropractor, author, speaker and 2x Cancer Survivor. She has launched Healing Agents.org in hopes of helping others heal. She believed strongly that healing is a “Full Circle” process where you need the help of EVERY health professionals from the integrative world to the more traditional medical world.

We will be Remembering Dr. Angie M. Welikala

We will miss Dr. Angie so much. She was a dear friend whose company I cherished. Rest in Heaven!

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